Why is a Mechanical Policy SO Important?
  • The average vehicle today has over 10,000 moving parts
  • The average vehicle today has over 30,000 total parts
  • Autos today have over a mile of wire included
  • 25-50 Central Processing Units (CPU)
  • 6-14 Airbags in todays autos
  • Cable free gas pedals (Electronic throttle control)
  • Electronic Steering
  • The radio head controls the vehicle on most autos
  • Most American drivers can not afford to repair their car (AAA Study)
  • Shade tree mechanics can't fix todays auto
  • The average mechanical shop rate is $100 an hour
  • 1 day in the shop is 8 hours
  • A mechanical policy covers the unexpected (Break the budget)
  • A mechanical policy covers out of gas, towing, lock out service, battery jump, trip interruption and rental car
  • Creates peace of mind
  • Saves customers time and money
  • Mechanical policies help keep other Repair Facilities honest and affordable
Common Questions:
What are vehicle service and vehicle maintenance contracts?  
Do I need a vehicle service contract?  
Why is the company offering the contract important? 
What are vehicle service and vehicle maintenance contracts?  
Vehicle service contracts are known by several names including mechanical service agreements, extended service contracts and extended warranties. These products were developed in response to consumer needs for mechanical breakdown coverage and ancillary services after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty. Dependent on the manufacturer, vehicle maintenance contracts may cover basic maintenance during the warranty period. 

A vehicle service contract pays the cost of vehicle repairs. A maintenance contract is limited to known, scheduled maintenance expense such as oil changes or tire rotations.   Do I need a vehicle service contract?
Most likely you'll own or lease your vehicle beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Unexpected repair costs can be costly, not to mention the difficulty of being without your vehicle. 
Cost and Convenience
With the technology used in today's cars, repair costs have risen and will probably continue to do so. One major out-of-warranty repair can exceed the cost of buying a vehicle service contract.

Not only will the OSI Mechanical Protection minimize or even eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for covered repairs, your GM dealer will handle the claim, so you have no paperwork.  

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